The gaming ecosystem giant E-PAL declares official entry in the Web3 gaming world

E-PAL, the top gaming ecosystem platform in the world, has officially announced its entry into Web3 gaming. Headquartered in LA, California, E-PAL is the leading social network where gamers pay for skills and interest-related matching with skilled E-Pals.

With the aim to transform the Web3 gaming framework, E-PAL brings numerous innovations, such as an all-inclusive gaming ecosystem podium and a gaming chain. Being one of the most innovative gaming platforms, E-PAL will combine the customized AI gaming elements, which offers a smarter and more convenient gaming experience to the users.

Founded in 2020, E-PAL has experienced significant growth in the gaming industry with five million users downloading the E-PAL app. Such a huge number of downloads reflects E-PAL’s increasing user base, growing market penetration and widening reach among gamers. It has turned out to be the world’s foremost game companion platform in only four years, winning more than 2.4 million users, 300,000 companions and associating with 200 leading games.

Plus, E-PAL’s search for capable partners in the marketplace reflects its smart moves to widen its operational base and strongly boost its market share. The gaming platform’s aim to build partnerships is a proactive step to grow its business and presence in the Web3 gaming marketplace.

E-PAL has acquired two funding rounds led by Galaxy and A16Z with extra investors, including the director of League of Legends and the founders of Riot Games and YouTube. As per the latest reports, E-PAL will introduce the gaming platform in May 2024, along with their entrance in the Web3 gaming world and releasing their platform’s 1.0 version, starting the new age of Web3 gaming.


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