Coresky set to launch CoreCard’s freemint on March 22, along with the opening of trading mining

Coresky is an asset-packaged nonfungible token (NFT) launch and trading platform that is set to launch CoreCard freemint and the first phase of trading mining on March 22. All crypto industry enthusiasts can log in to the Coresky website to freemint the CoreCard NFT, which is the membership NFT launched by the Coresky trading platform. Those who hold the CoreCard NFT will be able to enjoy Coresky’s many platform benefits, including asset package share minting.

The business logic of Coresky differs greatly from other NFT trading markets

The Coresky platform relies on the community launchpad to divide and mint high-quality project shares into asset-packaged NFTs, sharing the value and equity with every member holding the CoreCard.

Coresky launchpad is the first to launch asset-packaged NFTs, which represents a new paradigm of equity NFT trading by minting the coin rights of Web3 project primary markets as on-chain assets in the form of NFTs. The issuance of asset-packaged NFTs will cover NFT and FT projects’ primary market coin rights in various fields of the Web3 industry, redefining the boundary of NFT financial attributes.

Minting FT shares in the primary market and converting them into asset-packaged NFTs while also opening up the market for the launch and trading of these NFTs represents a significant innovation by Coresky.

According to Messari, the total amount raised in the cryptocurrency market in 2021 was $18.9 billion, with the total amount projected to rise to $54.11 billion in 2022, representing a 186% year-over-year increase. Over the past two years, capital has invested a staggering $73.01 billion into the cryptocurrency primary market. However, access to mainstream crypto exchanges for listing new projects is becoming increasingly limited, resulting in longer waiting times for investment institutions and users alike.

Consequently, there is a growing need for an intermediary market to bridge the gap between the primary and secondary cryptocurrency markets. This development could potentially result in an asset-packaged NFT trading market that surpasses the profile picture NFT market.

As the business model indicates, the Coresky platform offers users an independent CoreCard system, with different CoreCard levels corresponding to various user benefits. These benefits are mainly reflected in the allocation of launchpad entitlements. Within Coresky’s launchpad mechanism, users who wish to obtain asset-packaged NFTs can do so via ticket extraction. The number of tickets generated each week will vary depending on the user’s CoreCard level.

Currently, there are six levels of CoreCard available: CoreCardV0 Kite, CoreCardV1 Balloon, CoreCardV2 Biplane, CoreCardV3 Jet, CoreCardV4 Satellite and CoreCardV5 Spacecraft. The higher the CoreCard level, the more tickets a user receives. CoreCardV4 Satellite and CoreCardV5 Spacecraft offer additional benefits, including directly obtaining asset-packaged NFTs from the Coresky platform.

Coresky transaction mining activity is one of the ways for users to obtain the platform token. This activity is launched simultaneously with CoreCard freemint. When users complete NFT transactions in the Coresky Marketplace, they will be rewarded with a certain amount of tokens.

Achieving a win-win solution for users, Web3 projects and investment institutions

Asset-packaged NFTs represent an incremental market for the NFT industry. Coresky launchpad’s asset-packaged NFTs contain substantial value backing in the form of coin rights. Coresky’s launchpad provides an investment marketplace for institutions to issue and trade primary investment shares through asset-packaged NFTs.

For ordinary users, participating in the primary market is typically limited to public offering rounds and unstable interactions. Public offering rounds often have a high participation threshold. However, in Coresky, users only need to have a CoreCard to participate in primary market investments. The investment share will be directly minted into the Asset-packaged NFT, which users can then list and trade on the NFT market or store in their crypto wallet.

For the project, offering shares in advance in the form of minted asset-packaged NFTs can create a strong bond with users without affecting the lock-up time. This can help in activating community members to work together toward maintaining and enhancing the value of the project.

From a long-term development perspective, controlling the quality of the launch projects is crucial for the platform’s survival. Coresky has developed a professional investment research team and a rigorous project background check process to align launchpad’s investment expectations with market expectations. In the future, Coresky plans to establish a blue-label venture capital (VC) alliance, and include the unleased and pending quota of VCs in launchpad’s offerings. This will enable CoreCard members to have more options for asset-packaged NFT investments.

Coresky’s asset-packaged NFT creates a new paradigm for equity NFT transactions, helping to unlock new narratives and play styles for NFTs, and perfectly achieving a win-win situation for users, Web3 project parties and investment institutions.

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