How to tell the difference between SCAM projects and real ones?

In our time of IT technologies triumph, new projects appear every day, hundreds of ICOs promise to launch interesting, useful and profitable startups. However, most of them are not destined to be realized. The founders of many of them do not aspire to bring their promises to life. Such unscrupulous entrepreneurs initially have only one goal: to collect as much money as possible from users and disappear with it forever. These projects are called scams. How not to fall into the trap and become a victim of scammers, and invest in a really successful project?

Of course, you need to carefully study the roadmap, it is also good to make inquiries about the organizers, an undoubted advantage will be the presence of their already implemented cases and in general some fame in the environment. However, there is another very clear sign that the entrepreneurs in front of you are honest and reliable project – a well-organized support service. Scammers, as a rule, seek to minimize their costs and most likely will not organize a good support team.

LH-Crypto project was also once created after a successful ICO. Of course, it was impossible to say that LH-Crypto broker was a scam at any stage of its development. For 4 years, this company has been providing its services to clients around the world. It is a project that connects thousands of very different clients from all aroun the world. In such a specific kind of work, you just can’t do without a high-quality support service. LH-Crypto support team works 24×7 and a person can contact the specialist at any time in any way convenient to him. And there really are a lot of channels of communication with the support specialists:

  • online chat on the site
  • private customer area
  • e-mail
  • feedback form
  • chats in popular messengers and social networks – Telegram, Facebook, Medium.


The range of tasks that LH-Crypto support specialists help to solve is also extremely extensive. Of course, it is also the answers to questions related to the crediting and withdrawal of funds, and payment of bonuses, and sometimes assistance in the registration of a trading account. However, the main feature of the broker’s support service is that it is staffed by people who have first-hand knowledge of the trading process. As experience of the company shows not everybody can simply deal with technical aspects of trading. How to place order? What is a Stop Loss and who needs it? How to use built-in indicators? How to install a trading robot? Hundreds of questions arise from inexperienced users who are just starting their first steps in Forex and Crypto. Clients can easily address to a specialist with any of these questions and receive answers in a convenient format in the shortest terms.

LH-Crypto is sure that the support service is a true mark of quality of the reliable and client-oriented project.

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