Alternative Investments as the path to Success with Pendulom Capital

Pendulom Capital

Paterson explained that living in our digital environment, a person’s first entry point into investment is likely to be alternative investments through digital platforms, without the hassles of traditional investments such as filling forms, lack of transparency, and high transaction fees. He also noted that after observing the younger generation and their investment habits, most would prefer quick and convenient access from their laptop or phone, and to be able to invest their savings into companies they know and support. This is why Altimates, an online alternative investment platform which offers high liquidity and safe, blockchain encrypted transactions was created. The platform trades primarily using Twin Win Structured Notes, previously only available to high net worth individuals.

3 months ago, Altimates was ‘soft launched’ to a select few of Pendulom’s clients, and the results were promising: 20% of these contracts exceeded the Knock Out barrier, netting investors a very high, instant return. Paterson noted that these results further solidified the team’s belief in their strategy, “…and we owe it to our clients who had the confidence in our team, even before the company was fully set up”.  It was a 5-month ordeal of incorporating Altimates Trading Limited and Pendulom Capital Limited in October and November 2019, respectively. The former established in the British Virgin Islands and the latter in Belize, “Not putting all our eggs in one basket”, Paterson noted.

Keeping with the modern investment environment, Pendulom enhanced the operational aspects of asset management by integrating secure Blockchain technology in their transactions, as well as an intuitive interface displaying comprehensive information. He also revealed the company will launch a revolutionary trading platform capitalising on the potential of Blockchain technology in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

When asked about his opinion on the market, Paterson advised a bearish strategy in anticipation of volatile times with a looming threat of recession along with global trade tensions. He further mentions that Initial Public Offerings are doing well, and there are strong returns for IPO investors. The best advice Paterson gives for investors navigating through different investment options is to establish your core objectives in investment and knowing your long-term goals. “Always stay up to date with market knowledge and be prepared for everything.”

To facilitate their vision of providing easy access to alternative investment opportunities for people from all walks of life, Pendulom decided to forgo all Subscription Fees for investors on the Altimates platform in 2020.

Pendulom aims to be managing $5 billion in assets within the next year, launch it’s own coin and ICO in Year 3, and ultimately go public in Year 7, being one of the world’s largest alternative investment asset management companies.

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